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Our IPMHA Team

Health Improvement Practitioner


Melissa joined us in October 2023.  As a Health Improvement Practitioner she is works with our primary health team to support you in your health and wellbeing.  Melissa has a strong background in social work and teaching.  Appointments with Melissa are free and you can self refer, even if you just want to have a bit of a chat. Same day bookings available.

Melissa has the knowledge and skills to help you with things like:

Anxiety, depression or feeling down
Family and relationship challenges
Coping with physical health conditions
Drug or alcohol problems
Feeling stuck in life Stress
Sleep Grief

What to expect:
A brief session/korero of up to 30 minutes

Together you will come up with a practical plan and strategies to help get you moving in the right direction

Links with other health support services if needed

In-person, phone or video consults

Free and confidential

Health Coach


Leo commenced with Takapuna Health in 2022 as a Health Care Assistant.  In October 2023 he took on the role of Health Coach.  In this role he will support you to gain knowledge, skills and confidence to become informed and active in  your health. Appointments with Leo as a Health Coach are free.  There is no need for a referral you can book anytime.  Same day bookings are available. 

Areas that Leo can offer support:

Lifestyle skills and planning
Healthy eating and exercise
Mental wellbeing and support
Feeling stuck in life
Communicating with your doctor, nurse or health professionals
Learning about health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure
Connections to further support such as group mental health services, smoking cessation and community support

What to expect:

Each session/korero is about 15-20 minutes

Whānau and loved ones are welcome to be involved

Together we will come up with practical plan and strategies to get you moving in the right direction

In-person, phone or video consults

Free and confidential discussions


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