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Parking and Access Information


Lift Access:  The lift entrance is from the carpark level.

Stair Access:  From carpark or Campbells Road  


There is limited onsite parking. Consider individuals with mobility issues before parking on-site.  If possible, please use street parking or local carpark areas.

Please only park in parking spaces with Takapuna Health signage. 

Please advise reception of your number plate if you park on site to avoid risk of towing.

Do not leave your car onsite if you leave the premises - parking is only for during your appointment time.

Top end of Campbells Road:  120 min free parking.

Lower end of Campbells Road and Anzac Street is paid parking:  0-2 hours $2.50 per hour  

Killarney Street Carparking:  $2.00 per hour

Anzac Street Carparking:  0-2 hours - $2.50 per hour


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