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Enrolled Patients Consultation Fees (CSC = Community Services Cardholder).

Prices valid from 10 July 2023

0-13 years FREE

CSC - Free
ACC - Free

14-17 years $43.00

CSC $13.00
ACC $35.00

18-24 years $63.50

CSC $19.50
ACC $55.00

25-64 years $70.00

CSC $19.50
ACC $55.00

Over 65 years $64.00

CSC $19.50
ACC $55.00

Repeat Prescription $30.00

CSC +18yr ($17.00)
CSC 14-17yr ($6.00)

Urgent Repeat Prescription - Same Day $40.00

Required same day as request.  Must be ordered before 1.00pm.  Urgent requests ordered after 1.00pm are not guaranteed same day.

Urgent requests over weekend will be charged as urgent and processed on Monday.

CSC 18+ ($18.00)
CSC 14-17 ($10.00)

Cervical Smear with Nurse $42.00

HPV Swab Screening - Nurse $32.00

CSC - Free

Ear Syringe $50.00

Excluding GP consult

ECG $60.00

Injection Fee $35.00

IV Aclasta $175.00

IV Ferinject $175.00

Minor Surgery As quoted

Casual Patients $110.00

The fee for patients who are not entitled to publicly funded healthcare in NZ or who are visiting from outside the area.


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