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Travel Vaccinations

Travelling overseas? Need advice on which immunisations you require?

Book an appointment with your GP at least six weeks prior to travelling. Our GP and nurses can provide up to date pre-travel medical advice.

Once you have seen the GP we will order the required vaccinations and contact you once they are in stock to return to see the nurse to complete your vaccinations.

Travel-related vaccinations available:

Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Rabies , Japanese encephalitis and Cholera, Tetanus, MMR, Polio and Influenza

Note: We are unable to administer Yellow Fever Vaccination

Please keep in mind that some travel vaccinations require two doses so leave plenty of time before you commence travelling.

Travel Vaccination consultations are not part of funded GP care.

The cost for a travel vaccination consult is $95.00 and requires a 30 minute appointment.


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