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The charts show the cardiac risk of a 48 year old male that smokes, has high blood pressure, and poor diet, and what happens to the risk factor if you make changes to your lifestyle. The green line "What If" indicator shows how the changes bring your risk below the high risk level.

Free Cardiovascular Risk Assessments are offered to all males aged 45-74 and females aged 55-74 - the age range is 10 years earlier for persons of Maori, Pacific or Southeast Asian nationality. This programme is funded by the NZ government to help us identify persons at risk of developing heart disease and to assist with management of those who already have heart disease.

We encourage all people in this age group to take the opportunity to take a closer look at their health. It doesn't take long. All you have to do is one blood test, then book in with your nurse to answer some simple questions in a free consultation. Once we identify your risk factor we can then offer you better, more comprehensive health care if required.


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